PCR Basic Course

Content & Learning Objective

The PCR Basic Course is intended for participants without any previous knowledge in the field of PCR who plan to establish this technology in their labs. Therefore, in addition to the theoretical principles of PCR, we will focus on the different reaction components. Hands on experience will be provided in the set-up of several PCRs,  product detection and data analysis following gel electrophoresis. Optimization of PCR conditions, primer design, and trouble shooting will also be a main part of the course. At the end of the seminar, you will be capable of performing a PCR assay and analyzing the data.

The theoretical part includes:

  • PCR basics
  • Optimization of PCR parameters
  • Basics of primer design
  • Overview of specific PCR applications, temperature gradient PCR, Real Time PCR, reverse transcription PCR
  • Trouble shooting

The practical part includes:

  • Set up of various PCR reactions, e.g. temperature gradient PCR
  • Detection of PCR products by means of gel electrophoresis
  • Analysis of results

Target Group

Technical and scientific staff members without any previous knowledge of PCR, who are interested in using PCR-techniques in the laboratory.


Dr. Johannes Becker-Follmann studied Biology and Philosophy in Saarbrücken and Freiburg. He received his PhD at the Institute for Human Genetics and Anthropology  in Freiburg for his work on „Similarities in the Genetic Mapping of Man and Mouse“. Afterwards he continued his research in Osaka/Japan, Freiburg and Berlin and in 2000 he founded the Institute for Polymorphisms and Mutational Analysis (Saarbrücken), which mainly focuses on the DNA analysis of different species. Since 2002 he has run seminars and workshops based on PCR related topics.