Spheroid Culture

Content & Learning Objective

This course teaches you what you specifically need to know in order to conduct experiments on cell spheroid formation and functionally and histologically characterize them. In the theoretical part, you receive an overview of the tasks and functions of the endothelium, the mechanisms involved in blood vessel formation, and in this context how to apply spheroid culture as a model for these (patho-)physiological processes. The practical part gives you a thorough introduction to creating and culturing endothelial and tumor cell spheroids and characterizing them.

 The topics covered in the theoretical part of the course include: 

Definition of spheroids

  • Basics of angiogenesis/mechanisms involved in blood vessel formation
  • Possibilities for using spheroid technology in vitro and in vivo

The practical part covers:

  • Making spheroids with the hanging-drop technique
  • Making spheroids in 96-well format
  • Treating spheroids with stimulators or inhibitors
  • Analyzing, evaluating and quantifying spheroid architectures

Target Group

Technical and scientific research workers with a sound basic knowledge of cell culture and functional characterization of endothelial and tumor cells


Dr. Anja Felder is a trained biotechnology technical assistant who worked at the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) in Berlin. She completed an undergraduate degree in molecular biotechnology at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, writing her graduation thesis in the Accident and Restorative Surgery department of the Benjamin Franklin Campus of Charité. While working on her doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology of the University of Heidelberg, she investigated the role of biomechanical influences in pathophysiologically induced deformation of blood vessels. Afterward, as a postdoc at the German Cancer Research Center, she studied factors that influence the growth of blood vessels and tumors and the stability of blood vessels, especially in the brain.

Recommended advanced courses

Angiogenesis Models, Basic Course on 3D Cell Culture